Friday, October 9, 2009

New Cricut Cartridge Destinations!!!

So it seems that HSN has another exclusive. At 4 pm this afternoon, I received and email from HSN, as I requested an update when the Gypsy arrived back in stock. And low and behold there is a new exclusive cartridge, Destinations, available at HSN with the Gypsy package. I think I would be just a tad upset if I bought the "world launch" Gypsy and got Don Juan (I already own Don Juan) to find out for $15 more I could have a never seen before cartridge. No.............not a tad upset, a lot upset!!! Provo Craft keeps saying they want to be customer service friendly, well I have to say, I would be returning my Gypsy to HSN (you all are still in the 30 day window) and buy this one for $15 more dollars. You still get flex pay and free shipping and a brand new exclusive cartridge! I didn't want the $300 deal because of Don Juan, this.............I might think about. What do you think?!?!?
And before you ask, I have no clue what is on this cartridge. By the photo of the front of the box, I am assuming that there are places like Paris, Rome, etc............


ObsessedScrapperAnn said...

Another point here are those that thought they would be first, buying from Michael's like myself. Then to find for the same price I am getting less product and I had to pay all up front. HSN customers got theirs before me and only paid a fraction of the total cost up front.

Today by accident I found some message board that talked about a rebate for if you bought your gypsy at Micahels. It says you had to buy it in October. What about us that paid in August so it could come in during October and then be offered for less money by Michaels?

I am having buyers remorse so much. I like my gypsy but because of all the trouble it has caused me, I am not enjoying it so much. I need to not show my frustration to my hubby because he did all of this for me "because I had to have it" and that was soooo sweet.
Thanks for letting me vent.

Kim Bush said...

Ann, I am seeing a lot of remorse over the Gypsy for many reasons. Michaels was suppose to have the first showing of this, however when HSN showed up on Provo Craft's doorstep, the all mighty dollar came before customer happiness/service and a deal was struck, which I am sure also angered Michaels, as well. I think the whole Gypsy campaign has soured a lot of folks, which is a shame, as it could have been so different and so exciting. Very sad for a lot of folks IMHO.


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