Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gypsy Wonderings.............

So the first wave of purchased Gypsys have hit consumers all over the United States, and I have to say I am amused by all the issues that a lot of consumers are having. Normally this would not amuse me in the least. Normally I would scramble around and help these new owners and hold their hand and would be worried sick! However, Provo Craft has left a really bad taste in my mouth recently, so I am just going to kick back and enjoy the show. That said, I do hope that Provo Craft gets these issues resolved and fast. Unfortunately, they are not known for releasing anything without issues. Design Studio comes to mind. And they are not well known for good customer service. I do feel bad for all the new owners who are having problems and do wish each one of you the best of luck, as $300 is a lot to shell out for a craft toy.
Problems reported so far: Reward points are not correct and not working on the Cricut reward site. Cables are missing from the box. Cords do not fit the Gypsy. Gypsys are totaling missing the serial number, rendering the machine dead as a doornail. Gypsy is taking over 20 minutes to do updates or not doing them at all. Although the manual is available online, there is no mini start up guide included in the packaging for those who have no internet access.


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