Sunday, May 17, 2009

NEW Cricut 2009 Release! Stand and Salute & Simply Sweet!

No, I don't have pictures (well I kinda do, but not ones that are of any help), however I hear these little gems will start shipping from Provo Craft approx June 7th! Stand and Salute is a full sized shape cartridge and by the front of the box picture it look like all things patriotic which hopefully will include our beloved Armed Services. (Marines ROCK!) Simply Sweet is also a full sized cartridge and this one is a font cartridge. Alas, I can tell nothing from the picture I have. Another looks like there will be a "hunt" for 20 tickets for a 7 day Caribbean cruise for two to take place January 30th thru February 6th, 2010 in select boxes of Jubilee, Home Decor, Stand and Salute, and Simply Sweet. If this doesn't make some of you "collectors" out there break open those clam shells, nothing! The hunt begins July 1st thru August 15th, 2009. Good luck! I hope someone I know wins, maybe even me!! And you know my store, Cutters Creek, will be selling these!

Added 5/14/09: Here is the best I can do on a picture, as Provo Craft is being very tight lipped on this one.
Added 5/17/09: Here are better pictures of Stand and Salute & Simply Sweet! They are up for pre order at Cutters Creek!



eva said...

I am excited by the name alone... It is one i will definately buy... especially if it has any Marine stuff.... Both my Boys are Marines

Sheri said...

How fitting that as I'm reading about the Stand and Salute cart on your blob, the photo of you and your son opens up!

Kim Bush said...

I would like to say I planned it that!......but it just happened........ ~Kim

Ashlee said...

I am so excited for a military cart! Ooorah to say the least!! A big warm hello from one marine family to another! :-)

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