Friday, April 3, 2009

A Wedding Album................a labor of love...........

My children mean the world to me and to be "in charge" of doing "the wedding album" for my daughter is a little stressful because I am afraid she won't like what I have done. It has also become such a labor of love. I love playing with bling, swirls, swishes, glitter, and anything blingy. So here are two more pages. They are not traditional, as I figure anyone can have traditional. These are made from my heart using what feels right, using their colors, and using things that are not the norm. I can't wait to to more pages! I have 1,120 photos to sort and will post pictures as I get them done.

1 comment:

Sarah St. - NL said...

Ooh... I did miss these! I like the sparkley letters! Well done... Thanks for sharing!

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