Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dad & Me

The last time I saw my Dad, I was 17 years old. Nearly 30 years later, he is back in my life & it is almost (but not quite) like we never missed a beat. It amazes me how much Dad & I are alike. Looking at this photo, I can see how much we look like each other too. My dad came to visit me & stayed for four days. He brought his fiance, Rosie. She is such a nice lady & I so enjoyed getting to know her further. I think my dad should marry her ASAP! I am looking forward to the next time we will see each other, as we each have missed so much already. This year has been so exciting and life changing for me. I have so much to scrapbook & no time to do it, however I will be making some time to catch up soon.

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