Thursday, July 31, 2008

Graphically Speaking & Storybook Font Craze!

So the Jukeboxes have been released & now the new cartridges are out too! Storybook Font & Graphically Speaking. I wanted SB so bad, I could not stand it. I thought this would be perfect for my daughter's wedding book. Well! Let me tell you! GS is jammed packed full of goodies & the word & number jumbles are awesome. There is a little bit of everything. I love the clocks too. I am going to have more fun with this than I thought! Here are just a few of the cuts you can make with this cartridge. I think I need to cut some more stuff!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Mother & A Very Young Son who is a Marine

Through all my excitement of CHA & wanting all the cool new stuff coming out, it hit me today that it is getting ever closer to the time my son deploys to Iraq. I completed this layout this year. It was a very proud moment indeed. My son had survived boot camp & became a Marine. He graduated in July of last year & I drove to SC to honor this mighty achievement. It was such a proud moment & one I will never forget. He has now been a Marine for a year & at 19 years old I still worry very much. I made this page using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge & various other embellishments from my stash. I am sad this 19 year old of mine will be on his way to Iraq in a few weeks, but boy am I proud of the fine young man he has become. I love you Jon! And a special "Thank You" to all of our military members who serve or who have served our country. I know I am proud to be an American!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New blade housing for the Cricut Machines

The Cricut Machine just keeps getting more versatile! The Cricut by Provo Craft is one of the easier die cutting machines available on the market to use. As Provo Craft keeps adding to the Cricut family, we find how far we can take this machine. This is the new housing & cutting blades made for the Cricut machines. I like that it is another color, so I know immediately which type blade is left in my machine. The color change was a great idea! This is what Provo Craft says about this new housing & blades:
Slice thicker material with ease! Shorter housing provides greater clearance for heavier materials, allowing you to cut material up to 1.5 mm thick. Use it for chipboard, wood veneer, magnet sheets, vinyl, and much more!
Wow! No more "multi cut" for me! That will be so nice to be able to make one cut. I can't wait to get mine!

Cricut Expressions Shoulder Bag!

So there is finally a bag that I can tote my Cricut Expressions in & in style! Provo Craft did not intend the Expressions to be portable, that is what the smaller model is for, but people like me tote our big bug around any way. I love the new bag & it will fit both machines.

Provo Craft info: This terrific tote will fit any Cricut® machine, expanding to a huge 8" x 22" x 9". Use it for transportation or storage its tough nylon and liner provide protection. Includes extra pockets for storage, removable shoulder strap, and handles. Lined in green with white polka dots.

Something else I will need to poor credit card!


"YourStory" Thermal Book Binder/Laminater New at CHA

This looks like fun for word books, make your own scrapbooks, and so much more!

Provo craft says:

Create personalized books, albums, and journals with ease! YourStory™ is a thermal book binder with unmatched versatility-it is perfect for creating unique gifts, memory books, and a host of paper crafting projects. The themed kits for special events and holidays make YourStory™ the perfect choice for first time crafters and veterans alike.

I think I'm going to like this one!!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Solutions Cartridge Christmas!

This one of my favorite CHA releases today! I love the "old fashion" Christmas feel this solutions cartridge gives the feel for. I am buying this one! And I cannot wait! Please don't make me wait until October........................

Solutions Cartridge Blackletter

CHA had so many new things to share today.................I love this one! I have never really wanted a solutions cartridge until I saw this one & one more.....................


Solutions Cartridge Sans Serif

Here is the preview of the Sans Serif Solutions Cartridge.


Basketball Solutions Cartridge

CHA has all kinds of suprises! Here is a preview of the new Basketball Solutions Cartidge.

But wait! There's more! Tinker Bell & Cars

Wow! These were also "realeased" at CHA today. I love Tinker Bell and would love all the "fairy" stuff. I see a butterfly...........and my scrapbooks are covered in butterflies & flowers! I sure cannot wait to give the Tinker Bell cartridge a "whirl".

CHA & Sesame Street

How cute is this? This was released at CHA today & I love it. How many of you are going to buy this new cartridge? I love the Cookie Monster & Elmo too.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sesame Street & Hello Kitty Announced!

Wow! Provo Craft has announced its newest addition to the crciut cartridge library to be released in October. These cartridges will be a great addition to all you scrappers & card makers, as who does not love Sesame Street & Hello Kitty? Here is a copy of the statement:

Business Wire - Press Release
Take Your Cricut to Sesame Street
07.15.08, 11:22 AM ET

The wildly popular furry monsters from Sesame Street will soon be
Available to users of Provo Craft's Cricut(R) Personal Electronic
Cutter, thanks to a new partnership with Sesame Workshop, the non-
Profit educational organization behind the Sesame Street show.

The Sesame Street cartridge features everyone's favorite characters
From Sesame Street that children and adults of all ages have come to
Know and love, including Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and
Ernie. The classic Sesame Street fonts are also available on the
Cartridges, giving Cricut users more than 750 patterns to choose
From. The Cricut will cut the designs on a variety of materials,
From card stock to vellum to vinyl, at the click of a button.

"Sesame Street has been the gold standard for nearly 40 years, and
Its characters are loved by both children and adults alike," said
Tonia Conger, Provo Craft's director of marketing. "We developed the
Sesame Street cartridge to give Cricut users the ability to bring
Elmo and his friends into their homes and to use their imagination
In recreating their favorite scenes."

The Sesame Street cartridge will be on display at the Craft & Hobby
Association' s annual Summer Convention and Trade Show in Rosemont,
Ill. Also on display are several other new Provo Craft products,
Including a Hello Kitty(R) cartridge, the new Cricut Jukebox device
And the DesignStudio( TM) software. Attendees are welcome to stop by
And preview the products as well as meet with walk-around Elmo, who
Will be making a special appearance at the booth (#1009) during the

Provo Craft also welcomes everyone to stop by their booth and
Participate in "Make and Give," a program in which guests create
Free coloring books featuring Sesame Street characters to be donated
To destitute children in Africa through Tifie Humanitarian.

The Sesame Street cartridge will be available at arts & crafts
Retailers nationwide in late October 2008, with a suggested retail
Price of $99.99.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jukebox & the Cricut

Nope! You don't put money in it. This is one of the latest & greatest new toys released by Provo Craft to use with the Cricut machines. Mine will be shipped next week & I can't wait! This will be a great addition to my Design Studio & SCAL software. How nice will to be not to constantly swap cartridges, and just cut, cut, cut! This is how it works: You can simultaneously use up to six Cricut cartridges in the Jukebox base, connect it to any Cricut machine, and select your cartridge with just the push of a button! Keep Cricut cartridges all at your fingertips! Link up to three Jukebox core units at a time, allowing you to use 18 cartridges with ease. Stack and connect Jukebox tops to access your entire cartridge collection! Portable cartridge storage and carry case. Convenient and easy to use. Never swap Cricut cartridges again! I love new toys & cannot wait to get this!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Is Everything Really Black or White???

I started a scrapbook to capture some "missing pieces" in my life. This about my dad & for me to do some healing & to live memories that I never got to live, from a man that I have always thought to be very interesting. Although this has nothing to do with my Cricut, it will as I add elements to the pages. I will have fun using SCAL & Design Studio to create a beautiful book. It reads:

"So, we all go around living our lives and doing our own things. We have choices every day to make, and hope that we make the right ones. We use laws of the land and common sense to get us through each day. Most things are very black & white and most decisions are relatively easy. So what do you do, when there are a lot of gray areas to choose from, and the easiness of black & white are no longer there? Well, you do the best you can with what you have.

So on May 24th, 2008 I received a phone call from a man I have not seen in nearly 30 years. I have not spoken to him since 1989, the year my son was born. This man is my father. He has been an absentee parent almost all my whole life. He was there in the beginning and then **poof** gone! He had taken relatively no interest in me. I am his only daughter and his oldest child. My parents also had my brother Sanford, who committed suicide October 20, 1982. My father went on to remarry and have another family. They had two children, Chris & Evan.

So now I need to make some decisions. I thought that this was something I would never have to do, as it became painfully obvious to me, when I called my dad and told him he had another grandchild and that he was just not interested. It is very hard to know you have a father out there somewhere & you just don’t know. As an adult, I realized it was nothing I did nor was there anything I could do to change this. People do what people want to do, and you can control no one, only yourself & your own actions. My whole life I have been making lemonade out of lemons and it usually works out just fine for me.

Although it makes me so sad my dad has missed so much. I am thrilled he has made the decision to be a part of my life now. I cannot obsess or wonder why & really do not have the energy. I forgive this man who has missed so much. He is my dad, the man who I emulate the most & look like. He is crazy smart & has had many adventures. He has been a police officer, and airline pilot, and is quite the athlete. Yep! My dad is buff! Can you imagine? He provided me this blurb on my family history:

“My grandparents on both sides emigrated from the Ukraine. My Grandfather on my mother's side came from a very wealthy family. He was a very cultured man who played the violin and loved classical music. We looked very much alike. His father was an official of some kind. He fell in love with my grandmother and paid to move himself and her mother and father and 7 siblings to the USA. I believe they married when she was 15.”

So no, not everything is black & white. Sometimes it is very gray, and I am thrilled to find out what the future holds! Here are missing pieces of my life & I will probably cry a lot, while putting this album together. But to not have this opportunity would just make me into another child wandering the world wondering why."

So Dad.........................this one is for you!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More.............& a Bridal Shower

I think my cricut yahoo group thinks I just sit on the computer all day & type messages. They don't realize how many things I am really doing at one time. This is my latest creation for my daughter's bridal shower. I made purses using the TBBM cartridge for my cricut, using fancy colors and adding ribbon. I blinged hers up by adding her initials & added a flower with a fancy brad. I used a denim like paper, as she is a denim designer. Whew! I am finally done with the wedding invitations, response cards, maps, rehearsal dinner invites, cocktail party invites, & bridal shower party favors. I've ordered the stamps & hope I am "off duty" for a while, as I have lots of personal projects waiting in the wings!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Halloween & My Little Bro...........

I made this scrap book page from photos of me and my little brother. I was Mary Poppins & he was a tiger. I used an element from Accent Essentials and set it with eyelets & then stamped a journal box in the middle. I also used a "fancy" mat. My cricut lets me be so creative! Although these photos are from the 60's, it was cool to use current technology to archive this memory.

Can my cricut addiction get any worse?

There is a new cricut machine that will be released. When you ask? I have no clue! All I know is that I want it. It will be small & portable like the little cricut, but have some of the added features of the cricut expressions. Do I need it?? I want it? Oh, hell yeah!

Friday, July 4, 2008

How I became a “crazy” Scrapbooker

I have always done some sort of crafting since I was a little girl. Creating things with my hands and turning them into little works of art has always had such an appeal for me. I scrapbooked in the “olden” days when scrapbooks were just bound blank books & you added your photos & newspaper clippings & they turned yellow & fell out. When the scrap booking craze started about 15 years ago, I said no way! That was some of the most frustrating craft activities I had ever done in my life. That was all to change. My son entered boot camp in April of 2007 and became an official Marine in July of 2007. It became clear to me that after all his life being surrounded by family, that he would spend more time apart from us, then with us. I needed to come up with something that would help during those times when he felt lonely & homesick. So…………scrapbooking reenters my life! I thought……I can do a book of him from birth to 18 & include all of his family. He can carry it everywhere he goes. I can also add to it, as he has things happen in his life. So off to the craft store I went & thought I would get back to my crocheting & needle pointing after this new project was completed. (Wrong!) I bought a book, some adhesive (the wrong kind), some scissors, stickers, photo corners, & paper. I was off & running now! So here I am slapping photos on pretty paper, throwing on a few stickers & words, and start thinking, “Is this it? Is this all there is to it? No………it can’t be!” So now I want to take a class. I sign up, but I was the only one that did, so it’s cancelled. The instructor emails me & says she does crops & come over to her house. I did! So now I am surrounded by everything Creative Memories makes. What cool tools! Who knew you could round photo corners, like you used to get in the old days! Who knew you could have a personal photo trimmer! And who knew you could cut your photos into cool shapes! And my addiction begins! I can make my pages look like art! Then someone says I can put eyelets & brads on my pages. I think not! Put a hole in my beautiful artwork? That is just crazy talk! (I now own two eyelet setters.) Then I discover flowers…………oh the flowers! So now I am mad, as I have to keep going back to the craft store, as I keep running out of letters. I never have enough, “a’s”, “r’s” & “t’s”. And I am throwing away tons of “q’s” & “z’s”. Is there not a better way? Oh, yes there is! And my Cricut addition has begun. I cut what I want & need! No waste! And I love that! So now I am thinking there has to be a way to hook these letters up into one piece so I don’t have to glue each letter and try to get them on straight. I am now the proud owner of DS & SCAL! I weld words like a champ. My scrapbooking has become a full-blown addiction and is evolving & morphing every day. I sit here anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Juke Box & the two new cartridges to be released by Provo Craft for my cricut. I have so many tools, embellishments, & paper! (And I really could wall paper a small country with all the paper I own. My name is Kim………………I have an addiction…………………

Cricut & Yahoo

I started a yahoo group for all those provo craft cricut lovers out there on May 17, 2008. This has been so much fun and I have met so many wonderful people all over the world and in such a very short time! I have become crazy/stupid over the whole scrapbooking phenomena & love creating memory albums for generations to come. If I can get my children on the band wagon too, I would be so pleased. I tell them all them time, you will never wish you had less pictures and they love all the photos I have saved over time. Please come visit me on yahoo, if you too share my passion for your cricut!
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