Friday, July 4, 2008

How I became a “crazy” Scrapbooker

I have always done some sort of crafting since I was a little girl. Creating things with my hands and turning them into little works of art has always had such an appeal for me. I scrapbooked in the “olden” days when scrapbooks were just bound blank books & you added your photos & newspaper clippings & they turned yellow & fell out. When the scrap booking craze started about 15 years ago, I said no way! That was some of the most frustrating craft activities I had ever done in my life. That was all to change. My son entered boot camp in April of 2007 and became an official Marine in July of 2007. It became clear to me that after all his life being surrounded by family, that he would spend more time apart from us, then with us. I needed to come up with something that would help during those times when he felt lonely & homesick. So…………scrapbooking reenters my life! I thought……I can do a book of him from birth to 18 & include all of his family. He can carry it everywhere he goes. I can also add to it, as he has things happen in his life. So off to the craft store I went & thought I would get back to my crocheting & needle pointing after this new project was completed. (Wrong!) I bought a book, some adhesive (the wrong kind), some scissors, stickers, photo corners, & paper. I was off & running now! So here I am slapping photos on pretty paper, throwing on a few stickers & words, and start thinking, “Is this it? Is this all there is to it? No………it can’t be!” So now I want to take a class. I sign up, but I was the only one that did, so it’s cancelled. The instructor emails me & says she does crops & come over to her house. I did! So now I am surrounded by everything Creative Memories makes. What cool tools! Who knew you could round photo corners, like you used to get in the old days! Who knew you could have a personal photo trimmer! And who knew you could cut your photos into cool shapes! And my addiction begins! I can make my pages look like art! Then someone says I can put eyelets & brads on my pages. I think not! Put a hole in my beautiful artwork? That is just crazy talk! (I now own two eyelet setters.) Then I discover flowers…………oh the flowers! So now I am mad, as I have to keep going back to the craft store, as I keep running out of letters. I never have enough, “a’s”, “r’s” & “t’s”. And I am throwing away tons of “q’s” & “z’s”. Is there not a better way? Oh, yes there is! And my Cricut addition has begun. I cut what I want & need! No waste! And I love that! So now I am thinking there has to be a way to hook these letters up into one piece so I don’t have to glue each letter and try to get them on straight. I am now the proud owner of DS & SCAL! I weld words like a champ. My scrapbooking has become a full-blown addiction and is evolving & morphing every day. I sit here anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Juke Box & the two new cartridges to be released by Provo Craft for my cricut. I have so many tools, embellishments, & paper! (And I really could wall paper a small country with all the paper I own. My name is Kim………………I have an addiction…………………


Heather (Bunnybear/SaraSamsMom) said...

Hi Kim!!!
It's me Heather aka Honorary Kim :) The blog looks great!!! Maybe someday I will get around to doing one myself :)

Kim Bush said...

Thank you Heather! You always leave such nice comments & am so glad you are in my "group". I am proud to call you an "honorary Kim".

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