Saturday, July 5, 2008

Can my cricut addiction get any worse?

There is a new cricut machine that will be released. When you ask? I have no clue! All I know is that I want it. It will be small & portable like the little cricut, but have some of the added features of the cricut expressions. Do I need it?? I want it? Oh, hell yeah!


denise.crosby said...

I cant believe you posted a quesion like that!

The answer is YES YES YES!

You addiction can get worse!

basketmaster said...

Hi Kim,
It's Nancy J from the Cricutlovers group. Great start on your blog!!!
I'll look forward to seeing you post some projects.

Brandy said...

This is Brandy from Cricutlovers too and the new Cricut machine looks neat.

dale88jr said...

Why is it they always come out with something new after I just buy a machine. I bought the baby bug -- then they come out with the Expression....I just bought the Exp. and now they are coming out with another!! Darn it!!! LOL

Joy said...

My hubby asks that all the time! ; )

I can't seem to stop. I got 2 cartridges last week on Ebay so the price was right.

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